<< mimi magazine >>

mimi magazine is a zine made by:

Anna-Sophie Berger
Marlie Mul
Anne Speier
Philipp Timischl
& Min Yoon

In this cooperative situation that took place at Yappy's Copy Shop in Vienna throughout April and May of 2016 there was no appointed author, nor a specific concept or framework set for the content of the zine.

** Thank u to Xerox Austria, Repa Copy, and 21er Haus, Vienna. **




<< Yappy's Copy Shop >>

Yappy's Copy Shop is a temporary copy shop. It was located in the Belvedere Museum/21er Haus Museum Artist Studio in Augarten Park in Vienna from March-May 2016. During this time it was open most days from 11am –11pm for regular photocopy services and was a space to work on collages and zines. ** Thank you to Xerox Austria for sponsoring this project ! **



<< Hammer >>

Part of the exhibition "No One and One Hundred Thousand", at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna 2016

flexible silicone hammers, 120 cm, unique pieces, handle comes in different colours; pictured below in red:

<< Lecture/Performance at Kunsthalle Wien >>

Performance. Vienna, April 2016. Part of the lecture series "Histories/Geschichten".

** thank u to Dim Mul, Michele di Menna, Mårten Spångberg, Hamishi Farah, Parastu, and Luca Lo Pinto **



I invited Life Gallery to organise an exhibition/a living room next to the exhibition "Arbeidsvitaminen" at Vilma Gold in London in February/March 2015. "Our House in the Middle of Your Street" was a living room with a carpeted floor, artworks by Vittorio Brodmann, Manuela Gernedel, Ann Hirsch, Anne Imhof and ​Holly White, 2 sofa's and a Playstation. Weekly events were hosted by Emily Jones, Holly White, and Oscar Khan.

Press text by Harry Burke:

“In Summer 2013 I met Oscar one evening. He wanted to cut his hair. I said he could come round and borrow my clippers. He came round to borrow my clippers but for some reason I wasn’t there. Maybe one of us didn’t have a phone. My housemates were there playing video games in the living room. Oscar had a bottle of wine with him. When my housemates left the next month Oscar moved in.

Later on we started a gallery in our living room. We no longer live at that house. Our House in the Middle of Your Street groups paintings, drawings and sculpture by five artists, based in London, Germany, Switzerland and the USA: Vittorio Brodmann, Manuela Gernedel, Ann Hirsch, Anne Imhof, and Holly White. The majority of the artworks are relegated to the walls as the centre of the gallery becomes a social space.”

Events Programme:

Sunday 22nd February 6-9p.m. – "Just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it". Taylor Swift Deep Listening Party, hosted by Emily Jones and Holly White.

Saturday 7th March – Craft/Embroidery Workshop, hosted by Holly White.

Saturday 14th March – PoeTRY, an event of poem, hosted by Oscar Khan.




<< Grater Dress >>

for Silly Canvas / Centre For Style, 2015

<< Poppin Pollock (Manual) >>

Texte zur Kunst Issue nr 95, September 2014, "Art vs Image".

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<< Soap Dish (Bélo Hair) >>

shown at Eric Schmid's house in NYC, Castillo Corrales in Paris and by the collective ÅYR in London, all 2014.

<< Sold >>

experiments with driving taxis and blurry paintings – throughout Barcelona, December 2013.


<< Balcuzzi >>

balcony exhibition with Valentina Liernur, Buenos Aires, 2012.

Exhibition includes paintings by Valentina Liernur, digital prints on silk by Marlie Mul, flower bouquets, candles.

        There was no direct access to balcony,
        viewing of works from street level only.